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"MQL to FDK" project provides an easy and convenient way for conversion of MQL advisers to C# and launching them on FDK. We have developed a special converter that makes MQL to C # language migration very simple. Our converter recognizes and fixes automatically MQL language features that are incompatible with C#:

  • Static local variables
  • Cases of implicit types conversion, which require explicit casting in C#
  • MQL names, which are not allowed in C#
  • Import of functions, defined in external dll
  • Different scope of variables, defined within loops
  • Using of uninitialized variables
  • Parameters passing by reference
  • Supporting of #include
  • Conversion of #property to C# attributes
  • Conflicts in case function and variable names are matched
  • Supporting of one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays

Included MQL adapter emulates the gross mode for net accounts. It also emulates a large numbers of predefined functions, constants and properties, supported by MQL:

  • Trading functions
  • Current quotes and history access functions
  • Special structures for time and colors
  • Time, array, string, mathematical and other functions

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